Hey there! So glad to have you here. Welcome to Meadow 23 Photography. I take family portraits in the Seattle area, and the Eastside. Gather around, and let’s enjoy the good times, the silly times, the times when families are growing, kids are playing and the sounds of happiness and wonder fill the air.

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Thank you in advance for trusting me to see the beauty and fun in your family, and for giving it a permanence in photos to be shared and treasured for years to come.

It is an absolute joy to take photographs! I love meeting new people and learning what makes each person unique. Here are some awesome testimonials from some awesome people!

Photos are stories. And I love telling stories. I’m a former TV news reporter and anchor, and have had a camera in my hands since I was a little girl.

Barely old enough to write, I once scrawled on an envelope, “bad and ruined pictures.” They were the ones too dark, too blurry or with double exposures that had landed in the discard pile.

But to me, they spoke volumes. Whether it was seeing the blue of my grandmother’s housedress in an otherwise shadowed picture, or two overlapping faces of my younger sister, I felt something special had been captured. And it was to be treasured. So into the envelope these castoffs went!

That started my focus on finding the good. The light. The sweet moments some might overlook. To read more, please check out my blog! To see your Gallery, click here. And if you’d like to book your own photo session, hooray! Contact me here.

Your photographer and friend,

(Yep, that’s me. My daughter posed me and took the photo!)