So glad to have you here! Welcome to Meadow 23 Photography: portraits and family photos in Seattle’s eastside. Bring on those silly times, those growing families, those graduating seniors (eek!) and I’ll help you capture all the happiness and wonder I can.

Thank you in advance for trusting me to see the beauty and fun in your family, and for giving it a permanence in photos to be shared and treasured for years to come. It is an absolute joy to take photographs! I love meeting new people and learning what makes each person unique. I’m a former TV news reporter and can’t wait to meet you and learn your own special story. Make yourself at home and check out some reviews from amazing clients, take a look at my rates (returning clients always get a deal!), and reach out when you’re ready. Oh! And click on this link if you’d like to see my portfolio. Have a great day!

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