I’m a Finalist!

What an awesome feeling! The kids and I walked up to City Hall. The afternoon sun beating down on us. The smell of hot dogs and shaved ice joined with squeals of laughter and the beat of rock music. A farmer’s market. Also, the place where the finalists from a local photo contest would be revealed.

We walked up the hill to the market. I saw a semi-circle of easels. So official! Each one glowing in the sun, I scanned the wonderful display of photographs. Those are the finalists, I thought.

Not mine, not mine, my mind calculated my chances going down with each photo I saw that wasn’t the one I’d submitted.

And then I saw it!

My photo! I squealed, and for once, outran my kids with my own excitement. “It’s my photo! Look! It’s you kids and Daddy!” A gust of wind rushed through the town commons and knocked over one of the easels. The frame cracked. A city worker hurried to repair it.

I tossed my phone at my kids. “Can one of you take a photo of me? Before mine falls over too?”

We all laughed as the kids snapped this photo. Giddy with the excitement, the sudden breeze and the smell of tacos. Then the city workers shuffled the easels over towards the building, shielded from the wind. I took a look at the rest of the display. Fantastic photos. Here is a link to the other finalists.

I bought the kids a hot dog and we perused the rest of the farmer’s market. I felt really connected to the town, and so proud to be named a finalist (in case you couldn’t tell). I watched as little pieces of paper were handed out for the public to vote on their favorite photo. And then we left, to continue our family business. Soccer for my son, healing a broken arm for my daughter, groceries and the like.

But for a few minutes in the shining sun, it was me the kids were photographing, instead of the other way around. And for such a fun reason.

I was grateful. Happy. At peace. Just like my husband and kids in the photo I’d submitted. It all tied together and I felt very lucky indeed.

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