I’m a Finalist!

What an awesome feeling! The kids and I walked up to City Hall. The afternoon sun beating down on us. The smell of hot dogs and shaved ice joined with squeals of laughter and the beat of rock music. A farmer’s market. Also, the place where the finalists from a local photo contest would be revealed.

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Portrait Photography Class

As the sun set over Seattle’s Green Lake neighborhood, a beautiful model posed amid tips and tricks from the great folks at Glazer’s Camera. A portrait photography class. Great weather, great camaraderie, and great fun!

If you’d like to see behind the scenes of our class, keep reading!

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Weekly Photo Challenge — Twisted

How fun! This is my first entry ever into a Weekly Photo Challenge. The “theme” for the photos is: Twisted

Here’s what I wrote about this photo in my last post:

“Water cascaded like a happy toddler over rocks and fallen trees, claiming ownership of this space. Passing through quickly, like a kid growing up. Carrying a bit of time away with it, and yet giving these moments back to us because we paused to look.”

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North Cascades Photo Walk

Stepping out into the glory of the North Cascades, I joined my first “photo walk” last weekend. Wow, what an adventure. Led by Emmy award winning photographer (and all around nice guy) Tanner Wendell Stewart, a few dozen folks with cameras clicked and chatted and felt the wash of cool, fresh air.

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