Please reach out to book your session! I can’t wait to capture your family’s beautiful moments, silly moments, and all the moments in between. And if you have questions, please see the FAQ below, or send me an e-mail and let’s chat!

Let’s get together and create some treasures just for you!


What is a photo session?
A photo session is a wonderful experience for you and/or your family! It’s a dedicated time to take pictures, capture memories, and celebrate you. A time when everyone comes together to remember just how special you all are right now. It can be for a certain occasion, or just for fun.

How long is a photo session?
My sessions typically run about an hour. And it goes by fast! I want to be sure to capture any requested poses or groupings, have time for fun, and let the creativity flow.

What do I wear?
Great question! Sometimes it’s easiest to say, “everybody should match mom.” And if you’re able to pick out coordinating outfits, terrific! But for some families, personalities are more important than patterns. I want everyone to be happy and comfortable and if your son wants to wear his dinosaur coat, I’m all for it. Tutus are a fun option for girls — if you have outfit questions or concerns, let’s chat. In general, coordinating colors always look great. So do neutrals (gray, navy, yellow, blush etc.). Layers work best to give your photos some character. For example, men can wear a sweater over a collared shirt. Women can wear a light jacket or scarf. Kids look cute in hats (not ball caps), and for babies, white and light colors are best, plus hats and blankets for outdoor shoots.

What’s the best time of day for photos?
Whenever works for your family! Morning light is just as lovely as evening light. For evening sessions, a lot depends on the time of year, to finish the session before sunset. It can get dark quickly in the winter. The most important thing is to work around nap times. We want happy kids!

Where do we go?
For newborns, your house is the absolute best. Already, it will smell familiar to your baby, and you’ll have the essentials on hand. For all others, if you have a favorite location or park, please let me know. If you need ideas, I know some great spots. In this case, staying on the beaten path is a good thing; we don’t want anyone tripping on the way to a photo session. But if you have a hideaway with great backdrops, let’s chat.

How much does a photo session cost, and what do I get?
Another great question! Please, see here.

How many people can be in the session?
Small groups, or solo sessions are the best way to capture your family’s unique spirit. But larger groups can be lots of fun as well. Please contact me if your group is larger than 6 people and we can discuss your options, as we’ll need to block out more time for the session and post.

What should I bring?
A few small items in your tote bag can really help out. For younger children, a change of clothes and a light, dry snack. Also, props are fun for any age. Baseball gloves, basketballs, musical instruments; if someone in your family has a passion, let’s see it!

Phew! Any other questions? Fill out the form above and I’ll get back to you ASAP.